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Geely Coolary
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Geely Coolary

Cum fiducia Geely Coolarium e CARLINK mercari potes, sicut effectrix sumus GENERALIS GENERALIS Geely Coolary. Promittimus tibi de decimis post venditionem et promptam traditionem providere.
Pretium:13950$ (FOB)

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Cum unus e professionalis Geely Coolary Suppliers, certificare potes ut emere Geely Coolarium e CARLINK et optimam servitutem post venditionem tibi et partus opportune offeremus.

BRAND Geely Binyue
EXEMPLUM 1.5T  Champion Edition
MALITIA 13950$
Pretium guiding 103800¥
Basic Parameters \
Potestas 133KW
Torque 290Nm
Displacement 1.5T
Gearbox VII-dual lacessit celeritate infectum
Coegi Modus Ante rota coegi
Tyrus Location 215\55R18
Notae \

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